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Getting published is a very long road and we are so happy to bring Bedtime, Little Mouse to your book shelves and reading devices on March 3, 2022. Bedtime, Little Mouse is published by Buster Books and the story is bought to life by Carmen Saldana marvellous illustrations.

Before Bedtime, Little Mouse there was the concept of companion journals, it was an idea developed in 2013/2014. As of today, it is still the concept behind Bedtime, Little Mouse which is supporting children growth and development using principles of coaching, neurosciences and well-being. Those notions that grown ups try to fit in their everyday life and create 'good habits' from. The questions I was asking myself as a coach, talent manager and parent were

  • What if we started learning those principles early in life?

  • What if learning those will connect parents and children?

  • What if it was fun, useful and a great way to grow up resilient and grounded? 

What is MyLittleGuides concept ?

LittleGuides are companion journals designed for children which are based on the principles of coaching, neurosciences and yoga. They help children acquire critical life skills that adults pay to get from coaches and yoga teachers.

Imagine a beautiful notebook with inside a journal, a storybook, 52 weeks planner, a knowledge base and activities.

The idea is to guide, coach and stimulate thinking as much as teaching the importance of routine and practice through recording.

Content draws from research in neuroscience, Montessori education, nature play, coaching and yoga, and is inspired by the works of authors like Francoise Dolto, Bruce Perry, Daniel Siegel, Scott Barry Kauffman and many others. The content is unlike anything that has been published before.

MyLittleGuides take children on a discovery journey to be little adventurers of their world through journaling and activities. They support children and carers to learn, try new things, capture everyday moments and memories, joys big and small, life’s ups and downs, reflect and share ideas.

Key life skills developed by MyLittleGuides are:

  • Support the child’s personal growth, and build a sense of uniqueness.

  • Facilitate introspection as opposed to only thriving from external stimulation.

  • Teach the child practical ways to reappraise situations and manage their emotions.

  • Satisfaction off grid!

Through my own journey, as mother, professional, coach and yoga teacher, I discovered amazing tools and practices that really changed my life. I worked in management and change management for (too) many year, I’m a RYS certified yoga teacher, an executive coach and hold a postgraduate in applied neuroscience. What amazes me is that those basic skills are still the secret of few and are very accessible to children. They should be made more widely available.

Today you can help me reach out to children all over the world to learn key skills that will help them realise their dreams. I need your backing to do that on a large scale. Some of our stretch goals will see MyLittleGuides journals given away to charities and translated in different languages.

If you are interested in the story behind MyLittleGuides, we kept it for the end!



  • Because you want to support a child you love in this incredible journey that is their life.

  • Because confidence and resilience is what you want for them but recognise it is rarely taught.

  • Because you wish someone had told you that with hard work, a good routine and an open heart, you could realise your dreams.

  • Because when a child lays down his thoughts on paper, it helps his mind calm down, nourish his soul and ground his growing brain.

  • Because writing and tracking on paper supports the child’s learning and builds cognitive function.

  • Because story telling is a powerful tool for change. What is more powerful for a child than to see her own story unfold?

  • Because MyLittleGuides will become treasured heirlooms for the child and her carers.



MyLittleGuides’ main character is the child that owns it. It is the simple idea that the most amazing journey is yours and the best way to appreciate it is to keep track of it by writing, laying down what happens and what you want.

MyLittleGuides are fun learning tools for critical skills in life like, knowing you can achieve what you set your mind on, having a routine (yes that also can be fun), taking care of yourself, listening to your heart, expressing emotions, relating to others, etc.

MyLittleGuides are a facilitator and an invitation to pause, reflect, observe and feel.

MyLittleGuides offer a holistic approach to journaling. No lame prompts. White pages are for reflection, introspection and drawing. Every page has a script to support the child’s reflection and creativity and help the carer in its interaction with the child.

MyLittleGuides create a new communication channel for parents, grandparents, families and the child.

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