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Best Online Museum Exhibits

Hi Fellow Adventurers,

#onthejourney Art is an amazing way to introduce children to critical thinking and develop appreciation of differences and so their own unique taste. Aesthetic experiences are highly individual and allow for interesting discussions. What do you like? What do you feel? How? Their brain on art will wire new pathways and if you can add interaction, reflexion and connection you will allow for a fun developing experience.

If you are on holidays, need some rainy day activities, here is a shortlist of MyLittleGuides preferred online museums activities and exhibits.

Vancouver Aquarium – beautiful pictures and meet the animals activities with an amazing Canada’s Arctic exhibition. The site is perfect for school research projects.

The Louvre – this site is both in french and english. You will find amazing collection of Egyptian art very useful for Year 1 – 3 projects and plenty of beautiful pictures and images.They have art work explanation aimed specifically at children. What a better way to develop an eye!

National Gallery of Art – This is a stellar performance in getting kids into art. The NGA developed an Ipad app and has plenty for school projects and developing critical thinking.

Power House Museum – At first for a younger audience, so try the Odditoreum and you can post your own art and explain what it is about.

The Natural History Museum – This place is as amazing in real life than virtually you can spend hours just exploring and discovering. They have naturecams and you can send your own photography to add to their online library!

The Exploratorium – Another magic place online. The site is all about teaching through experience. Great category on exploring color and plenty of alchemy and activities, some while cooking!

Ingenium Canada - The advantage of moving countries is that you discover new exhibition, culture and ways to approach education. If you rather stay where you are you can still access their content online like the amazing Ingenium Canada, the center for science education based in Ottawa.

The Royal Ontario Museum - We just came back from their amazing Spiders exhibition. They have an amazing building a mix of old and new looking like a mineral rock. They always share a lot online about their current exhibitions and have a great online resources base and videos. They even have online cartoon game where you can play 'tamagoshi' with a funny little cell from billions of years ago.

And don’t forget all the art galleries, artists and artisans you have around your area. They are plenty of ways to get your children to appreciate Art, starting by getting a camera, record their preferred pieces, show them how nature does it best, sharing what you did yourself, take them to visit someone that does it live and borrow some art history books from the Library!

Enjoy and please share your preferred museums, sites, art with us below.


The Squirrel and The Dragon

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