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Bedtime, Little Mouse is now available anywhere in the world, nearly ;-)

We are so grateful 'Bedtime, Little Mouse' is now available in so many of your preferred online and local bookstores in Germany, France, UK, USA, Belgium, Netherlands and rights have been acquired in more. Please let us know where you spot them!

English is available in Canada, United Kingdom and United States of America, books have been seen at Book Culture in New York City and available at:

Carmen Saldana Bedtime Little Mouse

French 'en français' are available thanks to Larousse Jeunesse, title is 'Bonne Nuit, Petite Souris' and translation was done by Emmanuelle Kecir Lepetit. Petite Souris has been seen at

German 'auf Deutsch' available thanks to ARS Editions, title is 'Atme ein, atme aus, gute Nacht, kleine Maus!' Mit achtsamen Einschlaftipps.

Dutch, Danish, Bulgar and Mongolian soon.

If you are a bookstore that wants to list it in North America you can contact IPG, our distributor

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