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Are you ready to change bedtimes forever?

There’s a storm raging outside and it’s hard to relax... Luckily, Big Mouse knows just the right things to say and do to help her little one drift off to sleep.

Bedtime, Little Mouse is more than just a bedtime story. It is a three-step bedtime ritual that will help parents and caregivers calm their children and set them up for a good night’s sleep. With a wonderful, lyrical story about Little Mouse playing in her woodland when a big storm breaks, Bedtime, Little Mouse comes alive with stunning illustrations from Carmen Saldaña, and includes five different child-friendly mindfulness exercises.

Firmly anchored in science, the Mindful Bedtime Method can reduce anxiety and lay down good night-time habits for life.

Bedtime, Little Mouse’ is out March 03, 2022 published by @buster_books with @carmensaldana_illustration, coming alive to make bedtime a beautiful experience for everyone!

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