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Tech can be focus, beautiful and quiet

Let's share some tech tips from The Squirrel & The Dragon TREASURE BOX

Monument Valley II - The most quiet, calm, focused game out there. The first episode of this sublime game came out last year. We love the fact that parents and kids will get hooked to it. so good to develop out of the box thinking. Available on Itunes.

Toca Nature - Another very quiet beautiful game, here you create a world with little creatures of the woods.

iRelax – Perfect for easing into meditation, sleep, white noise on the plane or at the office.

Gratitude – ‘Change your thoughts, change your life’, a good one to start doing with kids with or without the App. Every night before sleeping tell them 3 things that you are deeply grateful for ( can be little and simple, nature is a great inspiration) and ask them to do the same. Falling asleep with beautiful thoughts in mind, from their own world and experience, life is smooth!

WWF Together origami and endangered species – This award-winning interactive experience brings you closer to the stories of elephants, whales, rhinos and other fascinating species. Discover their lives and the work of WWF in a way you’ve never seen before. The most beautiful origamis and beautiful pictures.

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